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A happy home is an energy smart home


Welcome Hibernians!

Are your electric and heating bills going up and up?  You are about to take your first step toward making your home smarter, healthier and more energy efficient.  A free Green Team LI home energy assessment, powered by PSEG Long Island, can find issues in your home that could be costing you thousands of dollars.

Our building professionals will test your home and compile a home energy health report.  You'll receive this detailed report with our findings, along with solutions to any problems we discover.  The best part?  We get paid by PSEG Long Island for the service, so it is completely free to you.  Every Long Island homeowner is entitled to a home energy assessment!

Fill out the form below for your free home energy assessment and to have $25 donated to the AOH Suffolk County Board and $25 donated to your AOH Division!

Rules & Regulations: A home energy assessment performed by Green Team LI must be completed for a $50 donation to be made. Homeowner (as stated on home's deed) must be present for home energy assessment.  Donation will be delivered by Green Team LI at our own discretion. Donation swaps or exchanges of any kind will not be accepted.  One donation per household.  Can not be combined with any other Green Team LI offer or promotion. 

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