Home comfort without the high cost

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There's only one catch

NYS wants to update your home!

New York State is offering incentives, rebates and financing for 15 years to get you to update your home!  Seriously, it's easy money!


But you need to claim your share!

NYS will pay for a free home energy audit.  We'll be able to tell you what you qualify for and how much money you can be saving every month.  If it makes sense for you to move forward with, great!  If not, it cost you nothing.


  Act now before it's too late.  These programs will not last.


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High efficiency

without the high cost

You've been waiting on updating your heating and cooling system for a long time right?  Was the insulation in your attic installed during the Roosevelt administration? Let's not even talk about the draft coming in from those ancient windows.  It's like living in a wind tunnel!


We get it.  It can be very expensive to get these things updated.  So decades go by and your monthly bills keep going up, up and up.

Not anymore!

Now, thanks to NYS rebates and incentives, you can finally take care of these issues without increasing your monthly bills, and in many cases, even lowering your monthly bills! 

Here's the Deal

New York, Con Ed and PSEG LI have teamed up to make it easy and painless for you to make your home healthier and more energy efficient.

This is how it works.

Upgrade your heating system with new heat/cool technology (yes, it even includes air conditioning) and add some new insulation.

You'll receive rebates of up to 50% or more!  NY will provide a 15 year loan for the balance.  With the energy savings you receive, the loan payment will be nearly or even completely covered!


No extra out of pocket and new equipment, including air conditioning!

Every home owner is eligible!

A new way of working

The days of calling a contractor to get an estimate, and then waiting, waiting and waiting for them to actually show up are over.  This is the 21st century after all.


Kids are now going to school remotely, cars are driving all by themselves, and people can even tell the world what they had for dinner last night!  What can we say, progress is unstoppable!

A virtual home energy audit is your first step in learning how you can make your home more efficient, and which rebates and incentives you might qualify for.  It's simple, quick and unobtrusive.